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  • There is one sheet relating to each of the major products in the Zinga range of corrosion protection coatings. These sheets are designed to be used by applicators in conjunction with the relevant specification. They contain all the key information necessary to see the whole process through from surface preparation onwards and advice on how best to set up the application equipment. Please also note the procedure for saturating the last layer of Zinga with fresh water. Each sheet contains a description of the product, a list of outstanding characteristics, some typical uses, relevant certificates and specific physical data as well as some other key information.


  • These sheets contain all the necessary information to comply with COSHH regulations – data required by many organisations for environmental approval of the products. Included in this section is a single sheet on the Health and Safety of Zinga applicators which again should be distributed accordingly.

    Please contact ZingaMetall directly if you would like to be sent any of the Safety Data Sheets for any of the products in the range.


  • The regulations on the transportation of goods deemed to be hazardeous are becoming ever more stringent and complicated. The notes below are designed to clarify the situation in regards to the Zinga range of products.

    Notes on the Transportation of Zinga Products

  • The file below helps to give an idea of the pros and cons of Zinga when compared to the most commonly encountered comparable systems or products it has been confused with.

    Zinga vs HDG
    Zinga vs Mettalisation

  • This section contains a trouble shooting guide, documents to accompany the delivery of Zinganised stud-bolts and steelwork.

    Trouble Shooting of ZINGA
    ZINGA Brochure