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Company Profile

Company Name:  Lamisa Limited



Mission & Vision:  Lamisa Limited is a private limited company, limited by shares. Since its foundation in 1st July 1999, it is providing services and solutions to its clients, i.e., i) Applying of ZINGA® Film Galvanizing System and Products on the bare metal surfaces of any metallic infrastructure for a long time protection against rust and corrosion, and ii) Installation of TerraFirma Soil Stabilizer which is suitable for any project that needs quality and reliable land/infrastructure development fast and on budget. It is a viable and affordable soil stabilization solution for any new project, i.e. road construction, old road rehabilitation, any platform construction like  airport base, runway, helipad, port, railway station etc. that demands a stronger base for higher loading requirement.

Our mission and vision is to provide expertise services, solutions, active advice and supervise the application and installation of our proven systems, technologies and products.


Our Team:



Mr. Zahur Ullah



Mr. Zahur Ullah is the Chairman of Lamisa Limited. He is a prominent business person in the country. He has graduated in Finance from the University of Dhaka. He is involved in the businesses i.e., buying, manufacturing and exporting of readymade garments and allied products. Mr. Zahur Ullah is as well the Director of ONE Bank Limited, has been elected as the Vice Chairman and Chairman and now elected as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Bank. Besides, he is also the Managing Director of GTEX Ltd. and one of the Directors of the Holiday Publications Ltd.




Salma Zahur



Naser Ullah